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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We can heal,

We can calm,

We can always cause lasting harm. Or we can hurt,

Or we can panic,

Or we can be just the tonic. Remember when thoughtfulness ceases we can be cruel,

And not a reflection of what you know to be true.

Read between the lines at which is unspoken,

And there you shall find your truth. Don't despair, friend, for when the moon comes to greet us,

And the leaves start to brown,

Kind thoughts shall be put into action,

And the heat of the moment will eventually go down. Such is the way when we are spoken, Since we hold such beauty, delight and despair, Such is life when all is seen.


Side Note: If you like this poem please check out my others on this blog and I will be sure to write some more. Enjoy !

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