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Wild Woman

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I knew a Wild Woman. A fearless soul With an earthy countenance And a fire burning in her belly. She soared through life Like a bird above the trees Saying what she means to say, Doing what she means to do, Loving whom she loves, And being who she means to be.

I met a Wild Woman Walking on the road from Bristol; A long winding twisting road, Where few have often trod. There were spirits singing in wind, With soft vibrant bluebells underfoot; She was in her element.

I Know a Fearless, Canny, Sensual, Vivacious Wild Woman with such Beauty. And, Let me tell you what she told me, This Wonderful Wild Woman: Dance, Dance, DANCE ! Feel the sun shining on your back, Live with the light running through your hair, You have a heart, You have a soul, Be your own Wild Woman for all to see. So I became a Wild Woman, Dancing on the road from Bristol, Never again truly being, Whom I was before.


Inspired by the beauty in Sussex and the wonderful people I met there.

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