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The Lieutenant of Inishmore - One from the Archive

Whilst looking through some past reviews I made, I came across this one for the Lieutenant of Inishmore...It was a particularly enjoyable read for me, as I remember travelling up to London from my parent's house in Berkshire to see this play when I wasn't feeling as good as I do now. I hope this short review might put a smile on your face and encourage you to at least read the play for now...

Main Details:

When: 2018

Where: Noel Coward Theatre London

What: Lieutenant of Inishmore

Director: Micheal Grandage

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to watch this dark, but hilarious comedic play about the deep love a man (or a psychopathic man in this case) can have for his pet cat.....weird set-up, I know, but it worked ! The play was so well executed. It was definitely worth my time and money... even if my money only managed to to buy me a seat that made me feel like I was floating in the heavens !


It was clear from the audience's reaction that most were here to see 'Ross Poldark' do his thing on stage rather than screen. But whilst Adian Turner played his part very very well, I have to give a huge shout out to the brilliant comedy duo of Donny and Davey played by Denis Conway and Chris Walley. I was crying with laughter at the exceptional delivery of those all important one liners which made the play so entertaining.

Lastly - the writing (!). In my opinion, any play is only as good as it’s script, and Martin McDonagh wrote this perfectly. He used a basic idea, and without over complicating it, told the story in a concise and enjoyable way right through until the end ( which makes for good theatre !). If you haven’t seen it already, please do, it feckin’ hilarious !!

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