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At Home

What is home ?

Is it simply a place we come to rest at the end of the day?

The place we store our memories of friends and places we used to visit?

Is it where dreams are made ?

Is it really these four walls that keep us warm as we weather out each storm ?

Is it the place where we feel most connected to ?

The place where we belong ?

It should be...

Does it have to be conventional ?

Does it have to fit the shape of ‘norm’ ?

It might be down the pub, or in the woods,

Or dancing in a theatre, laughing in your kitchen, or on your lover’s couch ?

Is it the place we feel less alone ?

Maybe it’s the people that make this place called home ?

Or is the sense of feeling ‘at home' that truly make the people ?

Is home where smiles delight the air, and love is always a certainty?

Where arguments end with a forgiving hand and all the human souls in the space feel free?

A place to be seen

To be heard...

Home is where you should be free to be whoever you want or feel you need to be

Not a place filled with the proximity of hate or lies or a place where you have to disguise: you…

Not where fear and shame of who you are crushes down around and arguments lead to darkness...

Is that home ?

Or is home to be found anew ?

Perhaps it changes throughout our lives, with the people that come and go ?

Is it the place our parents live?

The place we are born or the place we live our last ?

Or the town or the nation we honour to call our home ?

Maybe we’re homeless in a different way to those who have no place to rest ?

We have a place to stay but nowhere to finally belong ?

Should I be connected with the where of home or the people I'm travelling to ?

Or maybe finding somewhere to call ‘my own’ is what I need to do?

Or is Love the key we’re looking for to use on our front door ?

The love of sisters, brothers, friends and ourselves,

Or the love and the exchanging of hearts when you find that special someone…


Sweet Home....

Once we find the feeling of that most precious place,

it will stay with us forever,

Like an everlasting embrace,

Like the elephant remembers the distance to watering holes

as they journey across the planes,

there is always a path that will get you there,

We are all connected.

We all have a place.

We all have a right to feel at home

and not so alone

In a place, in a space, where we all belong.

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