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An Ode to Autumn

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

You are a splash of earthly colour across a sea of green,

as the warmth of summer fades on before the morning frost comes in.

It's time to bake all things cinamon and nut, and perhaps a taste of pumpkin spice ? - that is always extra nice !

Sweets and other treats galore decorate shop windows,

Waiting for ghouls and ghosts and all things scary for a night full of spooky.

You often bring the start of school, university or a first job,

and with that comes excitement, joy or maybe none of the above...

The sight of sparks flying in the sky dance like shooting stars; such is the celebration of the past,

with bonfires and hot mugs of Coco, you are always such a blast.

Before you near your end, I think of all the good you've brought,

for the time may come when I miss the cool breeze and the colour of those autumn leaves.

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