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A 'Happy' Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

‘Happy’ by Fearne Cotton

First published: 2017

ISBN: 9781409175070

Publisher: Onion Springs

Format: Paperback

Pages: 272

Dimensions: 19.8 x 13 x 2cm

Verdict: 4.5/5

-------‘A Reflection Journey taking you from a closed to open state of being’-------

I love the well-being wave that has rolled in like a Tsunami over the past few years. More and more of us are seeking a healthy mind along with a healthy body for more fulfilling lives. Acceptance, now more than ever, of the good and the bad and of our place within the world, is very much needed when there is so much extreme hate, judgement and unkindness. So, if you are new to the world of well-being, then this book is certainly for you. Fearne takes you on a journey, learning from her own experiences, to happiness, touching on the important aspects of the everyday modern life which help us to understand what being ‘Happy’ is actually all about.

This book was such a joy to read. It helped to open my mind to the realisation that there are others out there with similar everyday struggles. You cover the topics of depression, balance, body, family and mind to find the contented state of being which ultimately leads to ‘happy’. By opening up your mind and reflecting upon your own individual awareness, you learn how to adjust your mindset to one which is free of judgement and allows you to just simply be. The summaries at the end of each chapter provide you with a reference point to remind you of this whether you’re having a tough time with family, your career or life’s journey in general.

I have struggled (and to some extent still do) with letting go of ‘perfect’ and Fearne addresses’ this fabulously. Her focus on the now and the balance you can find there brings a new idea to what it means to have ‘perfect’. Fearne highlights the importance of accepting that you do have the capability of doing everything and anything, but you just don’t need to do it all at once.

I loved the interactive aspect of the book. This was such a wonderful idea to use in times when I wasn’t so calm or particularly ‘happy’ in the present moment. I would pick up the book and open it up onto a page where I wrote down how I felt at the time, and it may have been a positive comment about my friends or family or even the little things I enjoy in the everyday. It helped to relax my brain and pull myself out from under a dark cloud so I could fully register the situation and make calmer decisions with better frame of mind. The only negative I have about the interactive part, was the included written Meditation. It just did not work for me; It would have been better if it were simply an extra on the audio-book, as I wanted the journey to be solely for me and the idea of having to ask someone else to read this was OK, but I felt it took away from the journey of self.

What struck me in particular about this book, and I am sure many others who have read it too may agree, how familiar Fearne’s thoughts, feelings and prior experiences were to my own. It was like the words she used had come right out of my own head. Her views on being thankful, living in the present and finding a wise and rooted state of being were both very personal and powerful. From this, my mood changed quite significantly whilst reading this book. It went from closed to open and calm as the book went on. Hence, I feel Fearne’s next book ‘Calm’ would naturally lead in as a sequel, so I hope it lives up to my expectations.

The main message to take away from the book is that ‘Happy’ is a state of being. It will come in and out of our lives constantly. Sometimes the prize is not worth it if you have not felt the struggle. Appreciate what you have and know that being you is a beautiful thing and you deserve to find happiness in yourself. Also, as I consider myself a spiritual non-fundamentalist Christian (a mouthful, I know), I do find solace in parts of the bible and for me Fearne’s words reminded me of what my faith has done for me in the past and in a way, reconnected me to that part of my being. I have found myself enjoying the psalms again and using them as mantra’s in my everyday life to root myself to my centre. It has helped me to realise what I already have in my every day to be so thankful for, how to let go of the little things and knowing I already have the potential to do so much with my life.

Side Note: You can buy the paperback version of this book for £3.00 (!) from Amazon here:

And...the Audio-book is FREE with the Audible Trial.

I have already bought her two sequel books ‘Calm’ and ‘Quiet’ which I hope to review in a similar way soon. If you want to check out Fearne’s amazing ‘Happy Place Festival’ activities from 2020, they are still on her YouTube channel, where you can enjoy yoga, guided meditation, talks etc that revolve around physical and mental well-being.

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