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The 'SO TO SPEAK' Blog

At the end of 2019, I decided to start writing my own reviews on stories I may have either watched in the theatre or on screen, or read from the pages of a fictional book, so I may better understand my actor training. Soon afterwards, the first lock-down of the COVID-19 Pandemic was announced in the UK, and this small collection of writings expanded into short poems and opinion pieces. It was then 'So To Speak' was born. In 2021, 'So To Speak Productions' released it's first ever short film: 'At Home'; an audio-visual project uncovering what it feels like to truly belong.


This is my treasure-trove of writing projects. All are welcome ! Here, you can explore reviews of books, theatre, TV and film, delve into a selection of short poems or study opinion pieces about the everyday. Please leave a comment or contact me using the social link above or via my contact page, if you wish to discuss my writing. You can also subscribe here: 

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Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are my own. Any inappropriate comments may be moved without warning. 


Wild Woman

At Home





The Old City

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