A little bit about me...

Hi Friend! Welcome to the 'About' page which summaries a little of my history in a short biography ...

My name is Sophie and I was born in London during the 90s. From a very young age, I was interested in the arts. ​ I first saw Romeo and Juliet when I was 7 years old in Stratford-Upon-Avon and hence my love of theatre, acting and most importantly storytelling, grew.  Shortly afterwards I joined Wokingham youth theatre in Berkshire and during my time with them, I took part in a variety of productions. Ever since, I have  sort to refine my performance skills and immerse myself in the performing arts world. 


Music has also played a major part in my life. I have had classical vocal training to a very high level, which has provided me with the skills to perform in musical theatre, pantomime, and opera projects. I can also play the flute, some piano and even some ukulele!

In 2012 I joined the Bristol Operatic Society, Impromptu Productions, Bristol Pantomime Society and Bristol Sketch Comedy Troup: Revunions, with whom I went on to produce two shows, Bonus Materials and Sweet Nothings, at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe festival. Later, in 2015, I was selected to perform, as part of Outrider Anthems, a charity production of Take Two by Jennifer Leech, to raise awareness of the on-going situation in Israel and the West Bank.


Most recently, I joined the Bracknell Studio Theatre Company and Wokingham theatre (the adult company), through which I actively involve myself in several productions as both a Stage Manager and as an actor. Every project has been very different, which has helped to increase my knowledge in the different genres of theatre. 

I have also tried to watch as much theatre and story-telling projects as possible to expand my knowledge base of the industry in which I wish to have a career. Before the spring 2020 lockdown, I had the pleasure of watching several current productions showing at major venues within London. These shows gave me a taste of how truthful and powerful a performance can be. ​

As a result and through all of the above ‘So To Speak’ was born. It is a platform where I can write my own stories and review others, whether they be in theatre, film, TV or book form.

Kelly from 'Drowned World' by Gary Owen
Kiss Me like you Mean It.PNG

To become a professional in this industry, I knew that tuition in professional acting would be essential for me to improve. So, I took it upon myself to audition for drama school and  luckily enough from September 2017 I started to undergo training at Identity School of Acting. I was part of their Semi-Professional level group when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.​ The course at Identity was part-time, made-up of two intense three-hour lessons a week that cover voice, contemporary and classical text, screen, and movement over the duration of each term.

As of Autumn 2020, I started a new course in MA Acting at East 15 Acting School, for which I had to undertake an intensive audition process to be accepted into the student body. The course is made up of rigorous actor training, covering voice, movement, text approach, and creative and critical writing among other topics. All MA students are prepared in full on how to become a lasting creative professional.  

Through both schools, I have been taught by some wonderful industry professionals who have helped me develop my potential. 

​If you're interested to find out more, collaborate or simply say hi, please either follow the links to the _sotospeak Instagram feed and my @soph_m_94 twitter page at the top of the screen or send me an email via the contact page. You can also access my spotlight profile here. I look forward to hearing from you.


In the meantime, here's a small taster below!

My previous credits are:

​2019, Stage, Belle/ Emma, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Wokingham Theatre

2019, Short Film, Diana, GALLERY PARTY, Identity School of Acting

2018, Stage, Linda, A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL, Wokingham Theatre

2018, Stage, Ruth, KISS ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT, The Studio Theatre Company

2017, Stage, Kelly, THE DROWNED WORLD, The Studio Theatre Company

2017, Stage, Stage Manager, EAST, The Studio Theatre Company

2016, Stage Assistant Producer, SONG OF CROW, Outrider Anthems

2016, Comedy, Dilly, DICK BARTON: THE GIRL WITH THE REINDEER KNITTING PATTERN, The Studio Theatre Company,

2014, Pantomime, Prince Jack, RAPUNZEL, Bristol Pantomime Society

2015, Stage, Settler Woman, TAKE TWO, ASCENT

2014, Musical, Chorus, 1983: AN ORIGINAL MUSICAL BY GAVIN DALE, Impromptu Productions

2015, Pantomime, Georgiana, ROBIN HOOD, Bristol Pantomime Society

2014, Comedy, Producer, SWEET NOTHINGS, Bristol Revunions

2014, Comedy, Producer, BONUS MATERIALS, Bristol Revunions

2014, Opera, Ensemble, AIDA, The Bristol Hippodrome, Opera and Ballet International

2013, Pantomime, Queen, CINDERELLA, Bristol Pantomime Society

2013, Opera, Hippolyta, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, Bristol University Opera Society

2007, Stage, Maid, AS YOU LIKE IT, Wokingham Youth Theatre

2006, Musical, Henry, HENRY THE TUDOR DUDE, Wokingham Youth Theatre

headshot 2.PNG

As a side note, I spent my early twenties studying Natural Sciences, specialising in Physics, with the Open University. Whilst my future does lie with the arts, I will always have an appreciation for the Sciences. It has provided me with a job in times of need, helped shape my understanding of the physical world and even expanded my imagination (which is very important in the Acting world!). It is for these reasons that I am available to tutor both Mathematics and Physics at KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-level and Diploma levels.